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“these are experimental versions of songs I play at local dive-bars. enjoy!

this album is essentially just a catalog of material I used to practice a lot :p

all audio was tracked, edited, mixed, and mastered at BIG NAME
in Olympia, WA by Jon Lervold
Big Name | an Olympia, WA recording studio

select songs and lyrical content have been adapted directly from:
Pete Davis – And So You Exist No More
Kaki King – Yellowcake
Do Make Say Think – A Tender History In Rust
The Mills Brothers – You Always Hurt The One You Love
Complete – Hot As Hell

special thanks to the musicians who helped me with this nonsense:
Jon Lervold (drums/percussion/engineering)
Neal Jensen (guitar – Can’t Pass Algebra Sober)
Amanda Raham (vox – Threeway Friendship Tube)
Jordan Feltz (vox – Pocket Sand)
Nigel Pendley (pots/pans – Olympic Jug Band)
Alex Olson-Bick (pots/pans – Olympic Jug Band)”


released August 7, 2013